First day back at the office.

It was not the best day. Things at work are a little funky to put it lightly. And things with the babysitter got a little funky at the last minute. I was lucky to have him nearby so I could nurse him though. I have to say, nursing in a suit is quite a strange feeling. Maybe because I haven’t worn a suit in over 4 months, but it just seems like a weird intersection to be doing something so natural while wearing something so unnatural. That probably makes me sound like some weird hippy. And it probably won’t be the last time I sound like that. Just warning you.

It’s a weird thing being the sole breadwinner for this tiny family. Both scared and proud. I really wonder what it feels like any other way. I have no idea. I really don’t want to be away from baby at all yet. I’m envious of parents who enjoy their time away at this point. Not that I would change how I feel, but it is a bit limiting at times.

Here is a picture of a freshly washed baby because it makes everything better. <– The old me would be saying what crack are you smoking to that last sentence.



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