How to save time as a single mom.

I’m always looking for ways to save time now that I’m a single mom. Here are my best tips:

1. Order supplies on Amazon. They ship it to your door! Toilet paper? Laundry detergent? Teething toys? You don’t have to make an extra trip to a crowded store – just order it online. You can even “subscribe” to certain items – for example you can set your order to have dish-washing soap automatically delivered anywhere from weekly to every 6 months without having to go back and order more. Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom make it even better so check those out, too.

2. Pre-cut vegetables. I always thought this was the weirdest thing when I saw it in the grocery store. Who wants pre-cut onions, garlic, butternut squash, etc? I mean, it only takes a few minutes to chop it yourself. Weeeeellllll when a few minutes is the deal-breaker for whether or not you get a shower that week – you will. Almost every grocery store has some kind of prepackaged vegetable. Highly recommend.

3. With no time to cook I made a lot of these smoothies in the early days. And on busy days even now.

4. Along the lines of Amazon delivery of household items…you can order diapers on there too or you can get a separate diaper service that delivers AND picks up diapers (either cloth or disposable/compostable). I use a compostable service and it’s great for me because I don’t even have to take the dirty diapers down to the ground floor – they pick-up person will come up on the porch to get them! Little things make a big difference sometimes.

5. Baby needs to go out for a walk and you need to run some errands? Do both at the same time. I kept trying to do these things separately but I save a lot of time just combining them. No, the baby doesn’t always get the awesome scenery of a hike on a trail, but he gets a less stressed and rushed mama. I do this at least once per week – it really helps me stay on top of things without using the car. And it makes those trips to the trails much more relaxed.

6. Time = Money. Money = Time. Need a fan? Crockpot? Doorway jumper? Baby clothes? Baby mirror for the backseat of the car? Sign up on for your neighborhood and post a “Wanted” ad. People are so kind on there – I have even had people deliver items to me and give me brand new in-the-package items. Amazing. Along the same lines is using to buy gently used items for a much lower price.

7. And this would be AMAZING!

Stay tuned for more as I figure it all out!


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