Soooooo…vaccines freak me out a little. Well, a lot. And I’m a scientist. It’s just not a comforting proposition either way: you either risk your child getting very (and possibly irreversibly) sick and possibly being a carrier that will infect vulnerable populations (infants and the elderly). Or you run the risk or vaccine side effects which can vary from very minor (crying, sleeping a long time) or serious (seizures, brain damage, etc).

I think what has made is all extra difficult in my experience is not having a partner to talk it over with. To talk sense or commiserate or share with the responsibility of researching all the factors. I am alone in these kind of decisions. One side effect of that, I have found, is that I ask many questions of baby’s doctor. Many questions. Apparently more than she is used to. And not dumb questions – I like to think I ask pretty smart questions being a scientist who most often goes straight to scientific journal articles for her information. Instead of respecting my right and ability to ask these questions the doctor asked me…”do you have postpartum depression?”

“Um. Whaaa?”

“Well, you seem really anxious and you have a lot of questions.”

“Oh? Are feeling anxious about my baby getting five shots and asking questions symptoms of postpartum depression?” (Said 99% sincerely).

That stopped her. I would love to hear stories from other single moms who have had similar experiences. When things like that happen, I feel it is mostly an innocent misunderstanding but I also thing the world needs to get a little more culturally competent about single mothering. Just my opinion.


So many bandages so little time.


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