Ten ways to help a single mom.

Want to help but don’t know how? Here are some ideas:

1. Introduce her to another successful single mom. These kinds of co-mentoring relationships are invaluable and inspiring.

2. Bring dinner over and eat with her. At times she will go days and days without checking in with anyone about even the mundane stuff. And we all know how nice that can be at the end of a long day or week. And chances are she’s eating a lot of “fast” food and a good meal will be quite a boost.

3. Offer to run an errand for her while you run yours. I know I love it when a friend calls or texts me from the grocery or drugstore where they are doing their shopping  and asks if I need a thing or two. Then when she or he comes by to drop off I can pay them back and get a little visit.

4. Go with her to the dentist/nail salon/grocery store/book store/etc and hang out with her kid(s) while she is in there for an hour (or less).

5. Don’t offer parenting advice unless asked. New moms especially have bulls-eyes on them for advice. I guarantee you she is getting enough already!

6. Be a good influence on her kid(s). Her son probably doesn’t need to hear how much men suck…and neither does her daughter.

7. Celebrate with her. The little things: a ten cent raise, getting through the baby’s first day at daycare, getting through her first week back at work. She’s probably too busy to remember to celebrate but she will remember you celebrating with her forever.

8. Visit while she folds clothes/does dishes/etc. Don’t take offense that she is multi-tasking and don’t feel like she’s hinting that you should help. It’s just hard to get it all done! Chatting with you during these tasks makes it so much better.

9. Bring over an interesting beverage – especially if she is breastfeeding. It’s hard to stay hydrated enough!

10. Tell her she is a great mom. Encouraging words are hard to come by and are absolutely priceless.

I didn’t come up with any of these ideas myself. These are some of the many things that my friends (and even some strangers) have done for me that I found truly amazing and unforgettable.


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