Life out there – links to look at.


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“Together you were a captive audience, and that backdrop practically did all the bonding/sameness work for you.” Some interesting points on making friends at different times in life.

A great list of table foods for baby. Especially if you are like me and are so tired you can’t think past sweet potato and avocado.

Another part-time job idea for moms. I have a single-mom friend who does this kind of work and she makes a lot of money in very little time – therefore minimizing her time away from the baby.

Does your baby have eczema? Here is the best website out there.

Subtle cues from you will keep your baby crying. Who knew? Makes so much sense.

Having a baby can be so isolating. But it’s a weird two-sided thing. Some of these comments are really interesting.

The age-old question of how to deal with passive aggressive people.

A gene for “harsh parenting.” This could explain A LOT.

What do kids think about a white writer writing from the perspective of a person of color. Got to love kids. The honesty is so refreshing. I dare you to dive in an start talking so honestly.

And last but not least… Money turns people into assholes. But you probably already knew that.

Have a great weekend!

xo, Beck

p.s. While you are at it check out this really interesting blog that the image above came from. Awesome!


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