Oh yeah – I’m not sick anymore. I don’t know if the garlic actually works or if it is just placebo effect. Don’t know, don’t care. But I got better fast. Just a little bad breath. Good thing I’m single!

Baby is sick now though. His first cold. I don’t know how to make him better fast yet. Just trying to hold him extra and feed him as frequently as possible.



2 thoughts on “p.s.

  1. Awh. I’m glad you’re better, but I’m sorry the little dude is sick. I’ve been dealing with Cpt. Congestion for a week – I feel so sorry for the poor little gaffer. It’s just pathetic.

    I hope your dude feels better super soon.


    • Thank you Kim! He’s been really fussy and has not wanted me to be out of his sight. I’m not used to it so it’s a bit of an adjustment! Hoping both our little guys are better very soon!


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