Five Favorites

Well folks, it has been yet another wompwomp kind of day. What better time than to participate in a Five Favorites linkup? Don’t answer that. Without further ado here are 5 things that are keeping me happy and from poking both of my eyes out (and also why I can’t lose the rest of the baby weight):

1. See’s lollipops. (What’s not to love about eating the same piece of candy for a half an hour?)


2. PopNation Bangkok Night Market popsicles. (1 million calories per pop. It’s ok because I’m breastfeeding. Right? If you are local and you can get these and you go to the store and they have everything but that flavor? Soooorrry! That means I was there just before you and I already ate them all. Next time I will leave one for you. But only one).


photo via

3. Ethiopian food. (The baby ate some. I blame the baby).


4. This ridiculous store called Fruits & Chocolate (I mean…come on).


photo via

5. Pupusas. (Fried dough filled with…who cares?! It’s fried dough).


Eating my emotions? Maybe. Feeling a lot better? Yes.


8 thoughts on “Five Favorites

  1. Fried dough anything and I’m there…and that chocolate/fruit place, looks dee-lic!!
    Found your blog from CampPatton…I’ve spent the last 30 minutes reading your posts!
    I’m married and though we don’t have littles yet, cannot imagine doing what your doing on my own:) As one who is not a single mom, your approach is real and honest, thanks for sharing your story:)


    • Thank you Patty! I’m trying to be honest and be a resource but I think I’m also kind of just trying to talk myself through it, you know? Sort of like how you talk extra loud when you think there is a monster under you bed or a robber in your house when you are little. So far so good!

      Off to check out your blog now!!!


  2. After seeing looking through that Fruits & Chocolate site, I’m now convinced that there would be no downside to busting out the fondu pot and chocolate melts for the girls’ (and my!) lunch. Deeeeelicious!


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