Travel tips, part one.

Whelp. I took baby on his first flight. It went ok. The biggest challenge was really all the stuff I decided to bring. Diapers? Check. Stroller? Check. Car seat? Check. GIGANTIC CAR SEAT BAG???? Check.

See this guy from the car seat bag ad?


photo via

When I ordered it I guessed he was about 5’7″ or so. I’m now guessing that he is about…oh 6’4″…6’5″? And it even looks gigantically ridiculous on him. Imagine it on 5’2″ me.

Let me tell you. That bag can knock over all kind of things as you make your way through the airport. Picture apples and bananas flying everywhere and annoyed shopkeepers shaking their heads. Sorry guys. Travelers were cringing at the thought that they had the lucky ticket to the seat next to us. We definitely made an entrance, that’s for sure.

In other news…does anyone need a car seat bag? I’ve got one for you!

And now for a real tip: for flights longer than an hour – if you are traveling alone with a baby either pray that the flight isn’t full so you can use an extra seat next to you for the car seat – or buy the extra ticket for the baby. Some airlines have discounted fares for babies. All I can say is holding a baby for hours on end (with no one to pass him to) should be in the Olympics.


2 thoughts on “Travel tips, part one.

  1. You know…they said we would be in the air about 3.5 hours but we were on the plane longer than that of course. Maybe 4+ hours…? It was kind of funny watching everyone walk past the empty seat next to me and the baby. Eventually someone had to take it!


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