We’re baaaack! + some interesting things from around the web.


We had a great time in the Midwest and Canada. Baby is a happy traveler! I couldn’t be a prouder mama about that. I’m glad to be back but…not. You know? I can’t wait to go back to Canada. I encountered so many nice people, it was a real boost. And the Fall colors??!! So beautiful. Just trying to settle back in and yet keep a little of that travel adrenaline going. Any advice?

Anyway, here are some good reads from around the web!

I stumbled on an interesting mom survival tip. Not totally sure how I feel about it but it does make you think outside the box!

While I was there (momastery.com) I found another interesting and honest post about enjoying mothering vs. enjoying having mothered.

A very funny video about choosing how to identify racially.

And while we are on the topic – a great video from an honest blogger, Alexis Belon.

Last but not least: the best toy for a teething baby. EVER. (Thanks Cait. I picked one up pretty much as soon as we landed back in California).

Planning to post all the good travel tips I learned soon!


6 thoughts on “We’re baaaack! + some interesting things from around the web.

  1. Oh hey! Canada. Wherein-ish? (Not, like, EXACTLY. But. In relation to BC?) I’m glad you had such an awesome trip and that the wee gaffer was such a rockstar! That is awesome. 🙂

    Dude. I love that the best teething “toy” is a basting brush. That’s kind of fantastic…and good to know….


  2. Bayfield, Toronto and Ottawa Ontario. Plus a few days in Montreal. It was all so nice and all of those places are so different. I remembered that you were on the West Coast. If I was nearby I totally would have hit you up for some advice on what to check out or maybe even one of those awesome, life altering conversations over coffee you are famous for having! 😉 Need one of those…

    My friend Cait who was the main reason for the beginning of the trip told me about the West Coast trail. Have you done it? I really want to. I’ve been wanting to check out Vancouver and Victoria since I was a teenager, too.

    And yeah, that teething “toy?” Amazing. Let’s start a toy company based on the idea before anyone beats us to it!


  3. I’m trying to take lots of photos and video! I have to admit it’s a bit harder to do alone. It will be fun when he can hold the camera! I read a tip that when photographing your baby you should be sure to get some of the surroundings in too. I can see why it would be fun in 10 or 20 years to look at the photos and say – that’s what strollers used to look like! or, remember that backyard! Etc.


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