Totally Random: links to look at.

Here are some interesting things from around the web…

Fun around the world trip to scroll through. Stay tuned for the quick appearance of a single mom!

15 Recipes Every parent Should Know. And pretty much none of them are what I would have guessed. A great list.

A terminally ill father’s gift to his daughters. Kind of makes you think, right?

An interesting way to think about early childhood: hand prints in wet cement.

6 words to say to your child.

School is no place for a reader.

Pink Power Detox Smoothie. Normally I roll my eyes at anything with “detox” in the name (what can I say – I’m a toxicologist) but this tastes good so I’ll look past it.

Hope to post again sooner than later, but this having a baby by myself and working from home and doing all the dishes thing? Kicking my ass at the moment.




4 thoughts on “Totally Random: links to look at.

  1. Well, several of these provided a nice bit of distraction from my ‘real’ work! And well worth it, too. Those 6 words to say to your child may be the very best piece of parenting advice I have ever received.

    Parenting (and everything else) kicks my ass too. I find that lowering my expectations works wonders 🙂


    • This entire blog is about distracting myself from work so I get you!

      And I’m not sure my expectations could get much lower sometimes. But I guess there is always a little room to lower them!


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