My So-Called Blog.

Well. I haven’t been around here in a while. I was expecting the site to be broken or something. Or at least some cartoon tumbleweeds blowing across the page. That would be cute. Someone should figure out how to do that. I’ve been away dealing with things like a really dumb project at work, a really exciting business idea, a little tiny baby having asthma attacks, working on building a community in real life (the community here is already awesome, thanks guys), and doing 5.2 million dishes.

I did also go to a workshop about how/why to tell your child his/her origin story right from the start. It was a lot to think about but very encouraging and inspiring. Planning to share what I learned very soon. Right now I’m going to finish my tea and go to sleep since I just finished doing 58 hundred million dishes and I’m just so tired lately. Though I think it’s only partly the dishes and mostly that my perfect, angelic baby who started sleeping through the whole entire night at less than 3 months old has decided not to sleep through the night lately. I love my baby but I do not love nighttime parenting. Wish me luck.



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