Ideas: links to look at.

Some interesting ideas from the parent of a child in public school. I’m planning on public school for my baby but I have to admit I was looking to the higher performing ones. This parent makes some good points.

Baby signs cheat-sheet! I may have posted this before. I posting it again because I keep forgetting to actually do the signs with baby. Printing it to put on the fridge this time. 😉


Did you know you need a prescription to buy a mattress that hasn’t been treated with flame retardants and other potentially harmful man-made chemicals? Interesting. Just learned this today while looking for a mattress for my baby. Want an easy read to help you learn more about toxic chemicals in our everyday lives? I highly recommend this book.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Kind of makes you want to find some land and start a commune right? Oh just me? Ok.

This article really happened. “Fresh air is best cure for asthma.” Oh reaallllllly???! You don’t say. Now, about that commune…

A really interesting list of ideas for getting baby to sleep through the night. Some are pretty intuitive to me and some are things I would not have thought of. Very helpful. The author is super nice, too. I emailed her about 5,000 questions about baby beds and she got right back to me. Lovely!

And other people besides new moms need you to bring them a meal. A great reminder.

And just because…


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