I’ll never be on time again.

It’s so hard to be on time with a baby! Sometimes it works out perfectly: baby is awake, clean, fed and ready to go when you need to head out the door. But most times, he is either taking the longest, deepest nap of his life at a random time or just had a major diaper blow-out on the way out the door or starts screaming for food when you are halfway to where you need to go. It’s really frustrating. When I’m meeting someone who has kids – they usually understand. But if they don’t have kids there is just no comprehending. How do I know? Before I had a baby I did not get it. At. All.

I hereby apologize for all those times I thought mom friends were being passive aggressive, acting self important, making up stories or were just plain inconsiderate. I’m sorry. I now know that you probably had to change baby’s clothes and yours because of a poop explosion, have leaking boobs and probably tried on ten pairs of pants before finding some that fit without cutting off blood circulation. I now know the particular pain of all of those things. Plus the acute desire to never wake your baby when he’s sleeping. BECAUSE HE’S FINALLY SLEEPING!!!!!!

I wish I had some tips for being on time with a baby but when it works for me – it’s just luck. Maybe if your baby has a strong schedule? Or if you have a nanny or partner to hand the baby off to? Any other ideas?


2 thoughts on “I’ll never be on time again.

  1. HAH! Right? Good grief. I HATE being late. Hate. Well…hated. I have really had to come to terms with that since TLM came around. ‘Cause you’re absolutely right – you do not wake a sleeping baby. 😉


    • Yeah, I never understood the “never wake a sleeping baby” thing. I thought it must cause the baby developmental or growth delays if you did that. Now I’m pretty sure you don’t wake a sleeping baby so you can maintain your own sanity. As I write this I am already 13 minutes late to something and baby is sounddddddd asleep.


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