The single mom vs The doctor.

Ugh. I’m about to take baby in for a check up. The last time we saw this doctor she said: statistically speaking my son will end up being a drug addict.

Whaaa? Um, we’re here for a 6 month check up…? Can we focus on that?

The next day I called her and told her I did not appreciate her talking about my infant that way. I’m not a statistic and neither is he. She hemmed and hawed and mumbled some more – unable to simply apologize. So, we’ll see how it goes today. Wish me luck!


Image by Jenny Holzer via


4 thoughts on “The single mom vs The doctor.

    • Uhyeah. I really don’t get people sometimes. It really makes me want to give up on human beings for a while. I think a lot of doctors are arrogant a-holes. I’m not sure if they pick that up in med school or if it is something they brought with them and the professions kind of self selects for a-holes. Honestly I have had so many experiences like this and worse in a row this past year and a half that I’m beginning to normalize it. Crazy right? Life is so hard already – why do people think it’s ok to make it harder for no reason? I wish I had more choice of pediatricians for my baby but with our health plan I just don’t. It’s pretty pathetic. Just another time where more money would make life a lot easier.


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