Officially the best grocery delivery ever: Good Eggs.

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I keep writing about grocery delivery because it has been saving my life over here since my baby arrived. It has been one extra helping hand that this single mom has needed. I’m not going to lie, it is more expensive than driving around and smartly bargain shopping – but when you have no help day in and day out it is really worth it. I was recently talking with another single mom and she said the baby’s first year is the time to stretch yourself financially if there are things that will help you. I think it’s worth it because it keeps me fed and calmer in some of the most developmentally important times for my baby. Fed = a more ready and calm mom.

Anyhoo, there are a handful of grocery delivery options in my area and I’ve tried many of them. But I’m currently having a love affair with the best one of them all. Good Eggs. Why do I say love affair? BECAUSE THEY PUT LOVE LETTERS AND SAMPLES AND GIFTS IN WITH MY GROCERIES SOMETIMES. It’s totally romantic.


Also, the variety of – all local – food is really great. Everything from produce, meat and dairy to prepared foods and unique baby food purees. And their bakery section is ridiculous. They are currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brooklyn, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Get $15 off with this Good Eggs coupon code: becklovesgoodeggs

Happy eating!


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