8 months old and..finally got the crib together!

Our friend Kristin came over and helped put the crib together today. It seemed like such a chore at first but it really is an exciting thing to do. I underestimated that kind of stuff when I was pregnant. Also, why does pizza always go with putting furniture together? I don’t know, it just does.


And just like that he’s asleep in his new spot. Nice. Thanks Auntie Kristin.



3 thoughts on “8 months old and..finally got the crib together!

    • Yes! And then it turns into a bicycle and then a car after that! Or maybe just a bed. You have to buy another piece though. It’s a hand-me-down with all the requisite chew marks and everything. So apparently it’s also a GIANT teething toy. He just fell asleep in there in about 30 seconds so I’m feeling pretty good about it so far.

      He slept in a Rock and Play and a Pack and Play until now. I should have done this sooner.

      Aaaand. I actually hear him talking to himself instead of sleeping in there right now. At least he’s not crying?


      • Hah! I love that talking to themselves thing. It’s not great when they SHOULD be sleeping, but it’s just super adorable. 🙂

        That, my friend, is a bitchin’ crib. 😉 Hah! And yes, it looks as though all (baby) furniture acts as wonderful teething apparatus. Ridiculous children. 🙂


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