The good news and the bad news.

The good news! I found a pretty good book about vaccines. It gives a remarkably balanced view – the data about each disease right next to the data about each vaccine. I picked it up at the local library but you can also find a new or used copy here. The author, Aviva Romm, has an informative blog where and you can also download her great handbook on herbs for kids for free when you subscribe to her blog. The handbook is really worth it.


The bad news. Womp Womp. Someone found my blog by typing “how to make a single mom my slut” into a search engine. Another strike against humanity. As if we needed one.

Tomorrow is going to be much more awesome. Hang in there single moms!


2 thoughts on “The good news and the bad news.

  1. Thanks for sharing these news! Single moms really need to be well-informed about vaccines and other type of child care. Single moms are women of strength so they deserve to be respected and valued!


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