Good morning + granola #giveaway!

Lately we get up around 7am and I bring baby into the bed with me and we tumble and snuggle and giggle. It’s really the only time I can completely forget about what is going on in my life. It’s great. He is super jolly and I’m still sleepy enough to actually believe there is no reason to be anything other than jolly.

Then I make us some oatmeal – lately with pumpkin and coconut milk. It’s really good and really nutritious. I usually sweeten it with a little applesauce or mashed banana. I forgot how much I like oatmeal. I forgot how much I liked a lot of things. I’m really glad baby arrived in my life to remind me of how simple life can be sometimes. Speaking of oatmeal, I have been keeping Ladera Granola handy – it’s local and they have a great mother/son story of how they started. It’s cute, it makes me dream of what my baby will do someday. I usually don’t like granola, it’s too hard on my teeth and too sweet. But this stuff is different, it is melt in your mouth tender. And it also has pecans in it which are so light and crumbly it’s almost like they are freeze dried or something. I keep it in the car for whenever I need a handful.

I really like oatmeal and granola because it has a lot of protein and it keeps blood sugar really level for a long time. And I really need the energy to chase after this guy who as of last night is now walking…what??!!! If you want to try some Ladera Granola you can enter to win a full-sized sample. To enter just comment below and tell me what your favorite go-to energy boosting snack is. Looking forward to reading your answers! And find me on Twitter for instructions for an extra chance to win!

The giveaway closes Sunday March 16th and a winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday. Good luck!

And the winner is……..Wen! Congratulations Wen! Please email me at and I will get that granola sent out to you. Thanks for participating everyone!


Another awesome kid of a single mom: Jared Leto


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I heard about Jared Leto’s Oscar acceptance speech this morning and I thought: That’s awesome. He credits his single mom for encouraging his creativity and ability to work hard. Then I thought: Can I also raise such and interesting and talented person? How?

Turns out someone else was thinking the same. Any readers have any special secret tips? I’d love to hear how you do it!