Another dose: links to look at.

I have a busy week ahead but I’m hoping after that I will be able to get back to writing regularly here. Lots of news and lots to write about! I’d like to write everyday and I think of things I’d like to share many times a day but I just don’t have to time right now. Soon I hope. But for now here are some other things to read from around the web. Let me know what you think!

Lately I’ve been doing web searches for things like “single mom tips” or “how do single moms do it all?” I’m looking for the secret keys people! Well, there really isn’t a miraculous answer, but here is a post that comes close. And another.

Thank you Rep. Bonilla! Let’s go California! This is so validating after being pushed out of grad school due to my pregnancy.

Have you heard of Shine Theory?

A radical new teaching method: not teaching? Sounds interesting and is a callback to The Continuum Concept.

Would you rent out your car? I’m a fan of the sharing economy but so often it seems like it leaves a lot of people behind.

Doctors who make house calls?! This single mom is totally in! Plus you can get a free visit if you use the code the blogger shares in her post. THAT’S A FREE DOCTOR VISIT AT HOME. I’m totally doing it.

And…I’d really like to make these oatcakes but when will I find the time? Especially since I spent all the time I could have used to make the oatcakes reading that sweet blog! Dear blogs, stop being so fun to read. Thanks, Beck.

And, speaking of not having enough time, Good Eggs is saving my behind again this week. And it comes right to my door with FREE delivery. If Mom Solo can get married to Trader Joes then I’m going to marry Good Eggs. You are going to love them too when you get $15 of free groceries delivered to your door. Yeah, I said it. And I do not lie. Just go to use the coupon code becklovesgoodeggs


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