Single mom power!

The funniest thing just happened… It’s about 8pm, my neighbors are having a party. Again. This time they had already woken my toddler up once, so…I had to go ask them to please keep it down. I hate doing that but their deck is right outside my baby’s window, what are you going to do? I got one woman’s attention (mid-fifties short gray hair white lady drinking white wine just to give you a mental picture) and she was nice enough at first asking if oh I had to get up early and oh how old my baby was. But then I got the “oh, he must be your first” along with rolling eyes blowoff. So the words “Look. I’m a single mom…” spilled out of my mouth. And before I could finish she immediately shut up, looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and said “enough said, I’ll tell everyone to keep it down.” Superpowers I tell you! Keeping that one in my back pocket.



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