The Minimalist Challenge.

I am feeling the need to simplify things in my home. Have you heard of the minimalist challenge? It’s where on the first day of the month you get rid of one thing, the second day two things, third day three things…and so on through the whole month. The goal is to try to get as far into the month as you can. July having 31 days – if you get all the way to the 31st you will have gotten rid of 496 things. I’m pretty sure I won’t get all the way through the month because I don’t think I have very many things. But I think part of the idea is to prove yourself wrong on that. Here is what I have gotten rid of so far:

July 1st: 1 ice cube tray
July 2nd: 2 baby spoons
July 3rd: 3 decorative bathroom hand towels

My friend Jeff is taking the challenge with me. Whoever gets farther into the month before having to quit wins! Want to join in?


6 thoughts on “The Minimalist Challenge.

  1. I LOVE this idea! Clutter has become the bane of my existence. I hate it. I do not need these things. (Except the books. I would be pleased to have stacks of books lining every inch of my house. That would be wonderful.)


    • It just kind of creeps up on you right? Especially with all the baby clothes and gadgets. We just moved into a very tiny apartment. The smallness is cozy and perfect for us. And it is also inspiring me to look at possessions much differently. (Also – I don’t think books count as clutter in any way!)


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