The Minimalist Challenge: Day 6

July 1st: 1 ice cube tray
July 2nd: 2 baby spoons
July 3rd: 3 decorative bathroom hand towels
July 4th: 4 shirts
July 5th: 1 vase, 1 reusable grocery bag, 1 pair of pants, 2 old computer chargers
July 6th: 1 travel shampoo, 1 sample size bar of soap, 3 magazines and 1 airline blanket

= 21 items

If you are joining in, let me know! Jeff is still in the game, too. I should mention a few rules I made up for myself to make sure I get the most out of this.

– I’m not buying anything (non-consumable) during this challenge. I don’t want to immediately fill in what space I’ve made.

– I decided not to count things like the baby/toddler clothes and infant car-seat I’m getting rid of because those things just get immediately replaced. (Unless it was baby stuff I was planning to hoard for the memories).

– Hardly any of this stuff will end up int he trash: I can recycle, donate, Freecycle and sell almost everything. Hopefully other people can make use of this stuff.

I hope you join in if you haven’t already! It feels great! If the amount of items feels like too much for you – how about one item per day for the whole month? You can do it!


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