The Minimalist Challenge: Day 9

July 1st: 1 ice cube tray
July 2nd: 2 baby spoons
July 3rd: 3 decorative bathroom hand towels
July 4th: 4 shirts
July 5th: 1 vase, 1 reusable grocery bag, 1 pair of pants, 2 old computer chargers
July 6th: 1 travel shampoo, 1 sample size bar of soap, 3 magazines and 1 airline blanket
July 7th: 3 magazines, 1 Xmas stocking, 1 spatula, 1 cup and 1 book
July 8th: 8 books
July 9th: 9 books

Are you taking the minimalist challenge?

Here is Jeff’s progress:

2-South Park boxers, VAIO desktop
3-HP printer, AirPort Extreme, phone cable
4-Toshiba HD, WD HD, Samsung HD, Seagate HD
5-Floppy cable, phone line, MacBook Pro battery, Logitech power cable, Hitachi HD
6-Laptop lock base plate, phone cable, AC adapter, desktop PC2 RAM, phone splitter, USB mouse adapter
7-phone cable, AC adapter, phone splitter, USB cable, car lighter charger, power cable, phone extender cable
8-phone cable, power cable, long serial cable, printer cable, WD HD, power adapter, floppy drive, memory card
9-phone cable, antennae, phone splitter, AC adapter, USB cable, power cable, bracket, printer cable, phone cable
(Am I going to lose this game?! This list is a little intimidating. Except that the South Park boxers make me laugh too much to be intimidated).

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