The Minimalist Challenge: Day 20

July 1st: 1 ice cube tray
July 2nd: 2 baby spoons
July 3rd: 3 decorative bathroom hand towels
July 4th: 4 shirts
July 5th: 1 vase, 1 reusable grocery bag, 1 pair of pants, 2 old computer chargers
July 6th: 1 travel shampoo, 1 sample size bar of soap, 3 magazines and 1 airline blanket
July 7th: 3 magazines, 1 Xmas stocking, 1 spatula, 1 cup and 1 book
July 8th: 8 books
July 9th: 9 books
July 10th: 10 books
July 11th: 3 books, 1 caulk tube, 1 chair, 1 sili squeeze, 1 necklace, 3 small towels
July 12th: 2 baby blankets, 1 teething ring, 1 glider chair, 1 pants, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 shirt, 1 scarf, 1 hat, 1 pair of shoes
July 13th: DVD, power strip, 3 books, reusable bag, 2 sheets, old digital camera, mobile wifi hotspot, picture frame, rain jacket, throw pillow
July 14th: toy drum, postpartum belly wrap, baby halloween costume, scarf, 2 mismatched socks, 3 stuffed animals, 2 baby blankets, 3 shirts
July 15th: sweatshirt, bike lock, child’s record, 2 old prescriptions, old back-up hard drive, old computer battery, clogs, lip liner, old cellphone, new cellphone box, magazine, deck of cards, portable high chair, vintage casserole dish

July 16th: stroller, toybox, giant basket, 3 books, xmas stocking, throw pillow, box of tea, old driver’s license, old library card, old medical insurance card, stripper heels (don’t ask), file folders, greeting cards, huge pile of bank statements

July 17th: investment statements, notes and letters from friends, checkbook register, tax forms, homemade book, old car registration, photo paper, stack of scrap paper, teething necklace, padded mailing envelope, 5 shirts, 2 skirts

July 18th: old wooden champagne crate, 2 sheets, 2 pillowcases, 2 dresses, scarf, pillow, 5 rocks, shell, bracelet, 2 guitar picks,

July 19th: 16 books, toy, thread, tape measure

July 20th:12 keys, pin, ring, 6 safety pins, button

= 210 items!

It’s definitely harder now that I’m having to go through things that mean a serious stroll down memory lane. Why do I keep stuff that’s hard to look at? (Hello old love letters – yeesh…!) I really can’t believe I had 296 unused things. It blows my mind. If you have ever been to my place you know I don’t have a lot of stuff – but somehow I do! I think I might need someone to come over to help me tomorrow! I’m getting a little weary at this point. It’s harder every day! If I were to do this again I would do it in reverse…30 things on day one…29 things on day 2…etc. At least it would feel a little easier everyday.


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