Single mom love.

A few years ago I used to play this electronic 20 Questions game all. the. time. This little thing can really guess what you are thinking. And it’s the perfect thing to play before bed. After a while I started choosing an abstract concept instead of an animal/vegetable/mineral. That’s where it really got interesting. It’s really good at guessing what you are thinking when it is something concrete, but abstract ideas caused some pretty poetic guesses. Over and over again I would choose “love” as my abstract idea. And here are some of the things the little machine thought I was thinking:

golf club

Then this thing got packed up for a couple of years. I got it out again recently and thought about how I would play the word love over and over again. And I thought, I wonder if things will come out differently now that I have experienced the love I have for my child. So I played it again. And here is what it thought I was thinking:


Try it out and let me know what you get.


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