The Minimalist Challenge: Day 24…and done!

Day 21: Credit card (whoop whoop!), another big stack of old paperwork, 5 more padded envelopes (I’m finding this seems to be the item I hoard ;), old police report (goodbye!!!), a dozen notes and cards given to me over the years, map, old employment packet, dinner plate

Day 22: jar, tack, some little unidentifiable metal item, keychain, knitting needles, 2 keys (ok, apparently the other item I hoard), postcard stamp, membership forms, packet of old receipts, old business cards, ziplock bag, cool annual report (nerd alert), iphone headphones holder, rental applications, post-it notes, 6 CDs

Day 23: pile of mail I saved (?), headphones, baby towel, CD of photos, credit card contract packet, 4 fliers, crib mirror, homeopathic sleeping pills (this shiz did not work btw), 12 items of baby clothes I was planning on keeping forever and ever,

Day 24: 3 bookmarks, flier, 3 recipes, CD, another packet of old receipts, walgreens membership card, old newspaper someone send me from a place I once lived, heart rate monitor, 3 bath towels, bath mat = 16 items on day 24

And I’m officially out of things to get rid of! That’s a total of 292 items. The hardest thing to get rid of was the baby clothes. The thing that felt the best to get rid of was an unused credit card account. Mostly I didn’t realize how much random paperwork I was holding onto. I want to keep looking at the things that I own in this way, it’s so nice to feel like there is a little less to worry about. This has been a really therapeutic and thought provoking exercise. I highly recommend it!


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