Single mom hacks.

I just found this post with some really great life hacks for parents (I think they work for everyone, not just single moms!) And I agree with every one of them! I thought I would add a few more here, too. Let me know if you have any good life hacks, I’m always searching for ideas.

– Get a foam roller. Voila! Instant DIY back massage!

– Get a tennis ball. Same idea as above, it’s great for your feet.

– Grocery delivery. I talk about this one all the time broken record! But if you can get free grocery delivery to your door, why not?

– Is tons of baby laundry + coin laundry a huge pain in your life? Check out this portable washing machine!

– Order household goods on Amazon. If you join Amazon Prime you get all packages delivered free to your door, plus there are extra discounts for parents (the discount program is called “Amazon mom”). And if you are a college student you can join Amazon Prime even cheaper with Amazon Prime for students. If you join using either of those links you can also get a free month trial!

– Join the YMCA or other local gym. The YMCA has sliding scale gym membership fees, great facilities, programs for kids, and childcare for $2 per hour. Where else can you find childcare for $2 per hour?! Occasionally they even have a parent’s night out where you can leave your child with them to have dinner and play – while you get out for a few hours.

Let me know what helps you get it all done! Hope to hear your tips soon.


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