20 books for kids of single moms.

I’m always on the lookout for books to read my little one that celebrate single parent homes. The books below probably aren’t all meant to be specifically about single mom households – but they feature only moms, not dads. Dads are great! But I just like having books that mirror what we have going on too. Click on the titles below to find out more. And let me know if you have any other favorites!

A Chair for My Mother (available in Spanish, too)

Maggie and the Monster (one of our absolute favorites! There are two mom-child dyads in this book).

A Letter to Amy

Baby Shoes

Mommy Hugs (great for learning the names of animals, too!)

Mama and Baby (one of those “chewable” books. Really beautiful illustrations).

Hush Little Baby (a remake of the classic nursery rhyme)

Love You Forever (This one is a little too sad for me but it’s super popular!)

The Snowy Day (Beautiful illustrations).

The Family Book (Todd Parr writes some really great kids books. My son LOVES them).

Jonathan and His Mommy

Only My Mom and Me

Pancakes, Pancakes! (Who doesn’t like Eric Carle books?!)

Just For You (I’ve blogged about this one before. I love this book.)

The Best Single Mom in The World

My Mom is Great


A Pocket for Corduroy

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Go to Bed


I would love to hear your favorites!



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