31 single parent tips in 31 days. #2: Find your haven

#2: Find your haven512px-Knoxville_Botanical_Garden_-_garden_2

A coworker turned me on to this idea when my child was very small. She told me about this toddler park in the area that she would take her son to when she was exhausted and he would be completely entertained while she could just sit on a bench in the sun and collect herself. I thought – that sounds really good. Not being much of the type to sit and be calm in the past – it was now much needed. My haven turned out to be a nearby city garden with a community garden within it. We signed up for a plot and now we can dig, water and weed together. And I have my bench that I can sit on and just breath while my toddler plays with sticks and mud to his heart’s content. I swear this place has saved my from the sometimes insanity of parenthood.

This one might be easy for you – you might already know where you haven is. If not check out the list below and see if anything calls your name. It doesn’t need to be anywhere phenomenal – just a place nearby that is easy to get to in a pinch that you can think of as your special place. And when you are feeling stressed – head over there.

Playground – bonus points if there is a fence around it (you want more relaxation and less chasing!)

Botanical garden

Community garden

Coffee shop with play area

Gym with childcare (childcare is $2 per hour at our gym. Even if you don’t want to work out – give yourself permission to sign you kid in and sit with a novel and some tea).

Trailhead/park with a meadow type area


Splash pad


Children’s museum

What about you? Do you have a haven?


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