31 single parent tips in 31 days. #4: Bring the outdoors in


“Galimberti, Sándor – Still-life with Cacti (1910)

#4: Bring the outdoors in

Years ago a friend gave me some advice when I was feeling blue. She said when you are feeling sad it is such an unnatural feeling – the best thing to do is go outside and be in nature. I really took that to heart and, for me, when I’m sad – a hike on a beautiful trail will usually do the trick. Now that I can’t always go for a solitary hike on a whim, I’ve found other ways to make it work. For one, there is my haven (tip #2). And we often go to the beach where I can just sit and dig my toes into the sand while my little one romps around.

But another idea which came to me after my son brought about the 87th stick into our home – bring the outdoors in. Some easy ideas:


A nature basket

Pink salt lamp

Beeswax candles

Photos from hikes or camping trips

Choosing color schemes from nature

Small fountain

Kitchen windowsill herb garden

Creating a mossarium

Fish tank

Story stones

A nice, big bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter


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