31 single parent tips in 31 days. #12: Ask for help

#12: Ask for help

I know you probably learned this one the day your child was born. Or maybe even while you were still pregnant. But we can always use a reminder that it’s ok to ask for help right? It’s still ok to ask for help! It’s a great skill to model for your children, too. Some surprising ways I’ve received help from others:

1. Swapping child care. It took a while to find the right match but now I have a regular childcare swap every week. We each get 6 hours of care in exchange for giving 6 hours of care. It is a huge help and a cool way to build community.

2. Using gym childcare…at a friend’s gym. That’s right! A friend is planning to pick up my toddler on the occasional Saturday morning and bring him to her gym childcare center. She’s a busy lady but she wants to help and this is perfect! I can get in a couple of hours of crossing things off my to-do list and she gets her regular workout and helps me in a huge way at the same time. Genius.

3. Awesome advice. Rachel, if you are reading this, please know I thank you every single time I use my portable dishwasher. My home doesn’t have a dishwasher but this brilliant friend turned me on to the idea of getting a portable one. It saves me hours of doing dishes every week. That advice is the gift that keeps on giving. So ask your smartie friends for ideas, too!

How about you? In what unique ways have you received help?


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