31 single parent tips in 31 days. #13: Start a family tradition

#13: Start a family tradition

You don’t need to have a huge family to have a bunch of vibrant family traditions! This is the fun stuff to dream about. Maybe you always eat the same comforting meal every Friday night. Or you go for a sunrise hike on the first day of every new year. Here are some more ideas below – and I’d love to hear about your traditions in the comments section!

Pajama walks before bed

Book club

Family movie night with special snacks and giving the movie a rating from 1 to 10 afterward. (I’m so ready for this someday that I have a list of movies already!)

Look through photos of the past year together on New Year’s Eve

At bedtime offer one story and to answer two questions

Baking healthy muffins or scones the first Saturday morning of the month (p.s. they freeze well for the rest of the month!)

Time capsule

Rent the same cabin one holiday weekend a year and get away

Secret handshake

Volunteer together

If there are more than two of you – group hug!

Dance party!

Pancake Sundays

Organize a neighborhood All Hallow’s Read event

And check out this story of a single dad’s tradition with his daughter


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