31 single parent tips in 31 days. #17: Get creative about childcare

#17: Get creative about childcare

It’s easy enough to find regular daytime childcare. I find that there are other times that childcare needs pop up – if I want to go out past 6pm in the evening, or if I’m at my wits end from taking care of a sick toddler for five days straight. Below are ideas I’ve collected over the past couple of years that might be the help you need on off hour.

Have an extra room? Hire an au pair

Start a babysitting swap with one or more families

Job-share with another parent – and watch each other’s children when the other is at work

Find a sitter who will work on a retainer in case of emergencies – guarantee them a certain number of hours per month

Have a homeschooling parent as your on-call babysitter

Trade childcare with a roommate – or give your roommate reduced rent in exchange for a little childcare

If you really want to have back up for every hour of the day – pay several sitters a retainer to sign up for shifts throughout the month – then they are on-call during that time

Post your unique needs on Care.com


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