31 single parent tips in 31 days. #23: Stop multitasking


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#23: Stop multitasking

Focus on one thing at a time and I bet you will actually pack more into your day and have a more meaningful life then when you try to do it all at once. I think  another term for this is “be present.” When it comes to my kid, I notice that if I fully give him my full attention he less prone to tantrums throughout the day and also more understanding when I do have to step away for a few minutes for a phone call or something. I think this is a hard one in the time of speedy internet connections and smartphones – and their related addictions – but try it and I think you will like what you see. Think you need your smartphone at your fingertips at all times? Think back to your life before one entered your life and how much more eye contact and deep and uninterrupted conversations with friends you had back then. I will admit to a love of the internet – but keeping away until after my son goes to bed has been a good move for us. We also don’t have a smartphone in our family at this point and I really like it that way. I think multitasking can be a sign of boredom – why not make changes so you aren’t so bored instead of cheaply filling the time? I also understand the need to get things done while your kid is around – especially for single parents – cooking meals, doing dishes, etc – but why not get the family involved. We have some fun memories of my child at around 1 year old standing on a chair and “doing disses.”

Anyone feeling like getting off the smartphone bandwagon? I would love to hear from you!


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