31 single parent tips in 31 days. #31: Do something weird

single parent tips

#31: Do something weird/new/different…

My last of 31 days of tips is the most fun one: do something weird. Do something really out of the ordinary for you. Break your pattern. You never know what might happen. I learned this one years before I had a child, back when I worked for a wildlife biologist and our work consisted of hours long hikes everyday. We followed a very strict routine but once per week we would purposely break our pattern of following the same path. And every time. EVERY TIME. Something really cool would happen. We would startle up a bobcat, have our path crossed by a snake, see mountain lion tracks, or even find really interesting trash that had made its way to the acres we surveyed. It never failed – and it really stuck with me. So what would happen if you tried something really off your own beaten path?

Something like: take piano lessons, learn a language, take an aromatherapy class, start a Friday night supper tradition with friends, move to another city, go camping in a new spot, learn how to swim, go home from work along a different route, tried a different parenting style for one day, talk to ten strangers in one day, or…any one of my 3o other tips that sounded really weird.

Try it! I’d love to hear what happens!


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