Book reviews all June!

I had so much fun posting tips last month that I wanted to keep on sharing information on what has helped me parent through the past two years. So! I decided to post a book review per day in the month of June. Some will be parenting related, some will be on other topics that inform my world (and therefore parenting) in different ways, and some might be just for fun. The reviews will be short – because that’s all this single mama has time for! But I hope you find a book or two or (…thirty) that will add some good ideas to your life! First up…The Complete Buddhism for Mothers.

Books for single parents

So this version of the book is awesome because it’s basically three books in one: Buddhism for Mothers, Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children and Buddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren. I picked this book up not because I’m big on Buddhism and and meditation (I wish I was though!) but because I was having a moment of being at my wits end with parenting alone and was looking for answers and ideas. This book is full of both. Here a a few things I learned from this book:

– Mindfulness for the time-poor (or time-bankrupt): practice mindfulness meditation when you walk down the hall, wait for your computer to start up, at traffic lights, when using the bathroom. Sometimes that’s all the time you’ve got – and it turns out to be just enough to keep going.

– Thinking “what the heck is mindfulness?” try this: when you are walking down that hallway, think: I am walking down the hallway; when you are washing the dishes – think about the details of what you re doing and don’t let your mind wanted to the rest of your to-do list; resist the car radio, TV and idle chatter.

– Don’t hijack your upset child’s talking time. Try either not saying anything at first or prompting with only “Go on” or “Uh huh.” Then help them solve their own problems by asking: “what do you think you should do? what will you do if that doesn’t work?” etc.

For more awesomeness check it out at your local library or…here!


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