Book Review: The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants

books for single moms

The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants has saved me from a few urgent care visits over the past year or so. I’ve found it a huge comfort given I’m always alone in these middle of the night with a sick child moments. It’s handy, I can hold the book while I hold my child, and it doesn’t OVERWHELM me with information like a web search sometimes can…! It has tons of ideas for building up of the young immune system and lots of herbal remedy wisdom to try out before resorting to the sometimes harsher options in Western medicine. The chapter on nutrition alone makes this book worth it, but the index of common childhood illnesses and remedies for each one of those illnesses has been some really helpful late-night-with-a-sick-child reading. I’ve also found the remedies helpful for myself – they work and I feel confident that they are safe for me to try while breastfeeding since the dosages and recommendations are geared toward young children.

I also love Aviva Romm’s Naturally Healthy Babies and Children for further reading.

books for single moms


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