Article review: The Toddler Tantrum Survival Guide

single mom tips

Hey, not all toddlers tantrum. That’s cool. Mine does though so I find myself seeking ideas on how to handle it…pretty often. I want to take a break from posting about books and link to a few very helpful articles also this month. Today’s article is about tantrums and parenting a toddler in general. If you don’t need this one – that’s awesome! If you do – you are still awesome! Check them out and let me know your secret tips and tricks for this stage, too!

My favorite part of The Toddler Tantrum Survival Guide is…all of it. Seriously, I found myself hanging on to every word. It’s like a good friend. It normalizes your experience, makes you feel like you aren’t the only one and you are not in it alone and gives very simple advice. The only thing it doesn’t do is give you a hug. I’ve come back to this article over and over to remind myself of all of those things. It’s been a great tool in my parenting tool-belt. It also references this article on shoring up your own patience, which is priceless.


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