Book Review: The Pocket Parent

books for single parents

Very much in line with my post yesterday is today’s book: The Pocket Parent. It is so short and so simple and yet with an index full of topics from bad words, bedtime, comparing children, discipline, separation anxiety, sexuality, values and whining. And that is just naming a few. Forty topics folks. And just to name one more topic in there: wit’s end. Yeah, that’s in there, and yeah, I have turned to that page several times already.

I’ve read a lot of parenting books, blogs, trending news and research articles at this point and I can say I’m pretty satisfies that this is the one book I resort to most often. It’s short simple but packs a lot of ideas under each topic. It’s sort of like mass emailing your best friends and asking them for advice. This book is so quick and easy to just grab and go with an instant idea. I have found it of huge value as a single parent with no one to tag team with or constantly brainstorm ideas with. This book is the next best thing to crowd-sourcing advice on the internet – and even better because it’s there for you when you internet, or power, is down. I appreciate this book so much that I’d give it as a gift – if I didn’t feel kind of weird giving out a parenting book. But I settle for recommending it all the time! Check it out here.

What about you? Do you have a favorite, quick go-to guide on parenting?


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