Book Review: Gnomes

books for single moms

Did any of you have this book when you were a kid? I remember LOVING it. It was such fascinating magical realism for me. I think I waited until my child was oh about three months old before I found us a copy. Couldn’t wait to show it to him. It’s one of the kinds of books that he will pull off the shelf and just study. And it’s been great for conversation, too. There is some gnome anatomy and use of a toilet in the book that has brought on some great conversations about our bodies and using the potty. There are also some slightly scary parts (trolls! oh my) and that has been good for us to journey together a little bit into scarier ideas so we can work on understanding those feelings that come up together in a very safe way.

What do you think? Is this kind of book your cup of tea? Are there any books from your childhood that you can’t wait to show your child?


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