Book Review: The Continuum Concept

books for single parents

I highly recommend The Continuum Concept as a book for parents. It has an anthropological lens on raising a child and thought I’d say it’s a little biased toward “attachment parenting” which I’m not an expert adopter of – it suggests many good ideas and is completely worth a read no matter your favorite school of parenting thought (or blend of schools, or no schools!) One idea that really left an impact on me was to allow your child witness you when you are upset. Don’t leave the room or wait until after they are in bed. The idea is child should be able to witness the wide range of human emotion, problem solving and self-regulation. Seeing that full circle resolution can help them learn to self-regulate – and teach them not to fear or be ashamed of emotions.

This book will get you thinking deeper than most parenting books do – and gets away from the obsession with raising a perfect child in a perfect environment to grow to have a perfect adulthood. I definitely don’t agree with everything Liedloff lays out in The Continuum Concept – but I do appreciate the chance to think critically and deeply about what I do and don’t agree with and to take the parts that really move me to heart.


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