The weekend is here!

single parent weekend

Dang. We are just having such great times lately. I almost can’t believe how sweet life is sometimes! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of frustrations in the background, but…

picnics with friends + a five hour stream wading session with a really wise lady and her toddler + hanging out with fellow parents who are truly engaged in the struggle of making the world a better place + getting to see our pretty much favorite person in the wide world (who works at night so is harder to schedule with) TWO days in a row?!?!?! + afternoons on the beach + pine cone hunting strolls in the woods + legit steam train rides + a child who wants us to twirl like ballerinas together in the living room + finally getting some tiny slices of time to myself thanks to the awesome people in our lives + hearing my child whispering something as he drifts off to sleep and realizing he is whisper-singing “take me out to the ball game” = we really have it good.

Thank you you special people that are in our lives. I kiss the ground you walk on.


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