Bonus single parent tips! Yeah!!!

single parent life hacks

Remember way back last month when I posted single parent tips each day? Well after day 31 a friend joked about the next tips:

#32: Start smoking cigarettes.

#33: Drink every night if you can afford it. If you can’t, then just cry.

It’s true. Single parenting is hard. It does make you want to cry into your beer, or tea, or pillow, or shower-head sometimes. And it can make you want to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in one sitting. And if you feel this way – there is nothing wrong with you. You, my friend, have a hard job. A harder job than you realized you were signing up for. I don’t have all the answers. I’ve only unlocked like “mom game level 2” or something. In case you want to try out a few more tips, here you go. And let’s unlock “level 3” together!

#32: Turn up some music and dance, dance dance.

#33: Eat vegetables with every meal. Try to eat every color of the rainbow in veggies.

#34: Buy all new underwear. A new lease on life, I tell you!

#35: Get out your child’s sidewalk chalk and walk around the neighborhood writing compliments everywhere.

#36: Send someone a card. Any card. To anyone. Your best friend, your great aunt, the President of the United States. The options are endless.

Ok, now that’s really all I got! Got any others?!


2 thoughts on “Bonus single parent tips! Yeah!!!

  1. LOL – yep, some days make you want to drink until you don’t realize how hard it all is and you pass out cold in bed. But then…your little one will wake you up at the ass crack of dawn and you’ll regret every drop of drink you had!

    #37 Call a friend. Preferably a fellow mom who knows how hard parenting is, and isn’t afraid to shower compliments on you and tell you how you’re rockin’ this parenthood thing.


  2. Ah! What an excellent #37! And, btw, you are totally rockin’ this parenthood thing and this making a living thing at the same time. Can’t wait to hear the aftermath of your super-duper-extra-long workday!


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