My two favorite parenting books + what I’ve read lately


Recently, on a local parenting listserv, someone asked the community to post about what their favorite parenting how-to guides were. They were looking for something along the lines of how-to diaper, how to soothe, etc. I thought back to when my baby was a newborn and I can say without a doubt that the two most important books during that time have little to nothing to do with that kind of how-to. My two most important parenting books hands down have been Nurtureshock and Amazing Babies. A close third would be a book on baby signs. I read some other books on sleep and the postpartum period but for me a good old internet search would have been a much better use of time. Now that I have a 28 month old I can say these two books have been what I’ve needed most to reassure me about my child’s development, raise my consciousness about how I talk to my child (and what we talk about) and give me a good dose of self awareness about what I say in front of him.

I’ve read two other books lately that I would highly recommend. One is Living in the Shadow of the Cross about the Christian roots of white supremacy. It’s a fascinating read and not at all and attack on Christians as a whole – but a really interesting look at the history of Christianity and how it affects lives all over the globe everyday. It’s another one of those books that makes me feel more prepared to help my child understand the world.

A lighter read that I recently enjoyed during our recent camping trip is After Birth. It’s a story about a couple of new moms and I could relate to a good portion of it. It’s funny and thought provoking. Makes you think about the person you were before you had your child…

And I’m super excited to pick up a copy of this one today after my toddler wakes up from napping. I predict a late night of reading tonight!

*All this talk about books lately reminded me of a conversation with another single mom about a year ago. We got to talking about books and at the time I was reading several books per week. This other mom was amazed and dismayed at that fact because she hadn’t finished a book since before her son was born. I was amazed and dismayed at the fact that she had a super clean house and made elaborate meals and snacks for her child. Another reminder that you cannot do it all!


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