Our dream single parent family vacation!


Until recently I had never heard of a family camp. I guess I had no reason to tune into that even though I’ve been a longtime lover of camping and backpacking. But now! I’M SO GLAD THIS EXISTS! Imagine arriving at your campground and your tent is already set up. Three meals per day cooked for you. And dishes washed for you. A safe community in the woods where the kids can run around in packs and everyone looks out for each other. Arts and crafts time for toddlers though teens from 9am to noon everyday. Meaning you can drop your child off to have a great time with a bunch of kids and the most amazing camp counselors and you can…go back to bed, read a book, do some yoga, go for a hike or bike ride, etc etc etc.

Well, I heard about this and it sounded too good to be true. I decided to check it out anyway and we have lived to tell you that it was sooooooooo awesome. I cannot wait to go back next year (and for a longer trip!) It was a single parents dream and the joy on my child’s face at waking up in a tent everyday was priceless. And two weeks later he is still singing the campfire songs and doing impressions of the talent show performers! It’s hilarious. Also! First s’more!!!

If you want to see if there is a family camp near you, check out this list I found on Babble. Highly enjoyed and highly recommended!


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