Touchdown single mom!!!!

single mom scores!

Ok, after my last post I feel the need to post in to tell you that I have scored a new friend. See? Sometimes it does work out! And, you know, it might not last forever as people do come and go. But it feels really good to share this little part of life right now with a new friend.

It gets me thinking about supporting my child through the gains and losses of friendship over his lifetime. A bunch of the older kids are graduating from the preschool – all of them who he loves and one in particular who he has just had star eyes over from day one. I’m sure we will see them now and again (his preschool is a tight-knit community who gather several times per year even as the kids grow away) but it’s just a first taste of saying goodbye.

Anyone out there have thoughts on this? What are your favorite ways to stay in touch?


2 thoughts on “Touchdown single mom!!!!

  1. With family who all live 6 hours away, we Facetime often so we can keep in touch and Evelyn feels familiar with them when we visit.

    We create and send videos (back and forth) with friends far and near that have little ones, too.

    And of course when our kids can get older, we can encourage them to be pen pals with friends far away!


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