Amazing things: links to look at.

single mom humor

Oh wow, this cracked me up so hard it actually brought tears to my eyes. On top of that? It actually makes sense. So much sense it’s funny.

Have you seen “The Ethical Slut” web-series? It’s hilarious and thought provoking, too. Plus, if you have ever been to Madison Wisconsin it’s a little extra fun to watch.

Anyone out there enjoy a good horoscope? I’m a scientist and I’m not ashamed to say I read Rob Brezny’s horoscope newsletter every week. He says some really interesting things and I enjoy his counterculture perspective.

I’ve been getting into Yin yoga lately. Not only is it the easiest/simplest yoga I have ever done but it really makes my body feel better in minutes.

How old is your pillow? Mine was 13 years old. Gross right? I got this new one a few weeks ago and it is amazing. Feels like a new lease on life!


2 thoughts on “Amazing things: links to look at.

  1. I love Astrology & Rob is one of my favourites. I also like Big Sky Astrology and Robert Ohotto for the deeper stuff.

    My pillow is old and GROSS. I need a new one. Thank you for the reminder!


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