Saying goodbye to graduating preschoolers

single mom saying goodbye

This past Saturday my son’s preschool had a party for the kids who will be moving on to Kindergarten. Four kids are graduating and all four are moving on to different elementary schools. I love when all the families get together so I was really looking forward to this celebration. What I was not expecting at all was to feel so sad and to even get teary eyed when talking with the graduating families. We still have three more years to be part of this close-knit community but already it feels like it’s going by so fast. I think though, feeling sad about it is a good sign. It means we have a really good thing going on over there. I’m so grateful to have found it.


3 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to graduating preschoolers

  1. So awesome and wonderful for you and your son to be a part of a community you feel so warm about.

    I always used to think “graduation” from preschool/kindergarten/etc….was overkill and a little ridiculous. But now, I get teary thinking about it!


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