Big book little book.

autumn single parent bookCan you tell someone is looking forward to Fall? Yeah, it’s me. I’m not sure my toddler has grasped the seasons yet (especially since we live where the weather is pretty mild all year). Anyway, The Apple Pie That Papa Baked is really sweet and dreamy will make you want some apple pie. And live on a farm. It’s a great sing-songy rhythm and lots of repetition (in a good way) for little language learners. And it gave me pause at first since it features a Papa, but since we talk about everything in our family it wasn’t so awkward after all and we both love it. Plus it could be interpreted as a single father household – another awesome type of household!

single parent books

I’ve been working on this one for a while, but finally decided to turn my attention to it. I like Boys Will be Men because I happen to agree with a lot of the ideas. And also because the writing is just so good. I’m a fan of a well constructed sentence and I found myself stopping here and there just to admire how he put things together. Overall I really appreciate an open minded presentation about genderization of kids so this was a good one that I would recommend whether your child is male, female anything else or none of the above. So yea, pretty much any parent.


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