Single mom on the run.


Just wanted to post an update (on this post) that my running is still going strong. I’m getting faster and I’m running more hills. I’m still just doing 30 minute run/walks and my body already feels and looks different and I just just feel so good about it all. If you are thinking about doing something similar I highly encourage you!!! Fitness improvement really can happen fast and it’s very motivating. I also wanted to share that I’ve been loving this yoga video. One little 20 minute segment feels great for after a run. I’m looking forward to next month when I should have time to go on five quick runs per week!


2 thoughts on “Single mom on the run.

    • Wow! Thanks. I really needed to hear such a positive comment today. As positive as I try to keep this little blog space…there are some realllly hard days. Yesterday was one of them and I’m still reeling. Thanks for cheering me on!

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